OneUI 5.9 – Bootstrap 5 Admin Dashboard Template, Vue Edition & Laravel 11 Starter Kit

June 11, 2024 (1 week ago)

OneUI 5.9 – Bootstrap 5 Admin Dashboard Template, Vue Edition & Laravel 11 Starter Kit

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In the dynamic world of web development, having a versatile and robust toolkit can make all the difference. OneUI is an exceptional Bootstrap 5 Admin Dashboard Template designed for Vue Edition and comes with a Laravel 11 Starter Kit. Developed by pixelcave, this template promises a streamlined, efficient, and highly customizable development experience.

What is OneUI?

OneUI is a comprehensive and feature-rich template built to facilitate the creation of beautiful and functional admin dashboards. Leveraging the power of Bootstrap 5, it eliminates the need for jQuery and incorporates a variety of modern web development tools and techniques.

Key Features

One Strong Design
The layout of OneUI was designed from the ground up to be adaptable, simple to use, and lightweight. You’ll be able to create a wide variety of beautiful and functional pages using it.

Bootstrap 5
The most widely used front-end component library in the world provides the foundation for OneUI. It has a ton of incredible new features and services.

Absent jQuery
Its primary JS functionality does not rely on jQuery, making it easily adaptable to a variety of JS frameworks.

Dim Mode
It has a gorgeous, in-house dark mode for all of its color schemes and sample pages.

Extremely Quick User Interface
Your desktop and mobile customers will enjoy an incredibly quick experience thanks to CSS styling and GPU-powered sidebar animations.

Constructed with SASS
Using Sass, the OneUI CSS framework was constructed entirely modularly.

The most recent tools are pre-installed and ready to use in OneUI. All it takes to begin coding your project is one terminal command.

Select the option that best satisfies the needs of your project.

RTL Assistance
Start Now Additionally, RTL pages are provided to assist you as a foundation for your RTL project.

Starter Kit for Laravel 11
With the supplied starting package, get your custom Laravel project off to a fast start! It comes with several sample pages and primary assets that are ready to use right out of the box with Laravel Vite.

Particular JS APIs
Change the arrangement and blocks as you choose.

Unclean Code
Code that is simple to understand, work with, and follow, with plenty of inline comments to guide you.

Prepared Pages
Several ready pages are meticulously prepared. Get ideas and do something unique.

Awesome Font 6
With more than 2000 icons, OneUI comes with one of the most well-liked icon collections.

Third-party JS components that have been carefully chosen and included to enhance your pages without slowing down your process.

Final Words

OneUI is more than just a template; it’s a powerful tool designed to simplify the development process while providing all the necessary features to create stunning admin dashboards. Whether you’re a seasoned developer or just starting, OneUI offers the flexibility, performance, and ease of use you need to bring your projects to life. At just $29 USD, it’s a valuable investment for any web developer looking to enhance their toolkit.

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