OpenAI Davinci v2.2 – AI Writing Assistant and Content Creator as SaaS

June 28, 2024 (2 weeks ago)

OpenAI Davinci v2.2 – AI Writing Assistant and Content Creator as SaaS

Post NameOpenAI Davinci
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Latest Versionv2.2
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With the help of the robust SaaS platform DaVinci AI, you can quickly establish an AI-powered SaaS company. With the most recent GPT-3.5-Turbo and GPT-4 models, your subscribers will be able to create a wide range of text content, blog posts, long articles, advertisements, media content, and much more in more than 53 languages utilizing advanced OpenAI Artificial Intelligence technology. The possibilities for what your subscribers may produce are almost limitless.
Additionally, users may create AI images by just describing the picture using the Stable Diffusion (by and OpenAI DALL-E-2, DALL-E-3, and DALL-E-3 HD solutions. You may choose which OpenAI Models (GPT4 Turbo, GPT4 Vision, GPT4, GPT3 Turbo) each user group is allowed to use using DaVinci AI’s robust backend admin interface. Another feature is AI Code, which allows users to utilize AI to produce code in any programming language. Similar to the ChatGPT platform, our interactive AI chat bot system enables users to ask any questions and get any response they want. Additionally, users may construct an infinite number of chat bots using the new OpenAI Assistant function. Using the OpenAI Whisper paradigm, users may now use the Speech to Text tool to transcribe audio and video data.

In addition to the aforementioned functionalities, your users may create AI voiceovers with over 1700 voices in 150 languages and dialects, synthesize text up to 100,000 characters, and mix up to 20 voices from various TTS providers in a single job. All of them are powered by top cloud service providers, including Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure, AWS Polly, ElevenLabs, and OpenAI TTS. Additionally, you may design granular subscription plans with a ton of extra features and exact models to utilize. Its capacity to act as a writing helper is flexible and time-saving for any kind of company. With Davinci, you can launch your own SaaS company in a matter of minutes! Through the Coinbase gateway, you may also accept Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, USD Coin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, and Dai cryptocurrencies for all Prepaid and Lifetime plans.


  • Configure any of the OpenAI models (GPT4 Turbo/Vision (128K), GPT4 (8k/32k), and GPT 3.5 Turbo (16k) as necessary.
  • Supported by Claude 3 (Opus, Sonnet, Haiku) anthropomorphic models
  • Supported Google Gemini Pro model
  • Support for creating AI images with OpenAI DALL-E-2, DALL-E-3, and DALL-E-3 HD
  • Support for AI image generation with Stable Diffusion 3
  • Assistance with Text Generation in 53 Languages
  • Infinite The ability to create custom templates
  • The ability to create an infinite number of custom AI chatbots
  • Real-time Internet connectivity functionality
  • The Fine Tuning Models function
  • The AI Article Wizard function
  • The Smart Editor function
  • The AI ReWriter function
  • AI Vision function
  • Features of AI Video (Extension)
  • Features of Brand Voices
  • The feature of Voice Cloning (Extension)
  • The feature of Sound Studio (Extension)
  • The functionality of AI Plagiarism Checker (Extension)
  • The feature of AI Content Detector (Extension)
  • AI File Chat (Word, PDF, and CSV supported)
  • AI Web Chat functionality
  • AI Text to Speech functionality
  • 1700 voices and 150 languages are available in the AI Text to Speech functionality (Azure, AWS, GCP, OpenAI, ElevenLabs).
  • AI chatbots are equipped with 42 distinct bots.
  • Accessible Seventy-five prebuilt templates (more to come):
  • Blog Headings Blog Area
  • Ideas for Blogs
  • Blog Overviews Blog Wrap-Up
  • Facebook Advertisements
  • Article Producer
  • Generator of Paragraphs for Content Rewriters
  • Talking Points
  • Benefits & Drawbacks
  • Concise Text Synopsis Product Overview Startup Name Generator
  • Generator of Product Names
  • FAQs with a Meta Description and Answers
  • Evaluations and Reviews
  • Issue-Motivate-Solution
  • Descriptions of Videos
  • Titles for Videos
  • YouTube Tag Creator
  • Instagram captions
  • Generator for Instagram Hashtags
  • Social Media Posts for Businesses and for Individuals
  • Facebook Headlines
  • Headlines for Google Ads
  • Description for Google Ads
  • scholarly essay
  • Email greetings, cold email, and follow-up Send Creative Tales via email
  • Grammar Verifier
  • Recap for the second grader
  • Scripts for Videos
  • Amazon Description of the Product
  • Text-Based Extension
  • Rewrite Using Keywords
  • Song Lyrics: Venture Concepts
  • Posts on LinkedIn
  • Bio of the Company Email Subject Lines
  • Product Advantages
  • Offering Product Names and Comparisons
  • Features of the Product
  • Tweets from Twitter
  • Video Scripts for TitTok
  • LinkedIn Advertisement Headlines
  • LinkedIn Descriptions of Ads
  • Notifications for Apps and SMS
  • Changer of Tone
  • Amazon Dictionary Features of the Product
  • Terms and Conditions of the Privacy Policy
  • Headlines That Make You Click
  • Press Release from Company
  • Press Release for Brand/Product
  • Interest, Desire, Attention, and Action (AIDA) Framework Promise-Picture-Proof-Push (PPPP) Framework Before-After-Bridge (BAB) Structured Brand Names
  • Advertisement Headlines
  • Generating Newsletters
  • Control Features of AI Code Text Outcome Lengths
  • Management of Team Members Characteristic
  • Transform Any Template Into a Professional Class
  • Editor in WYSIWYG
  • Sync up to 20 voices at once for a single synth assignment.
  • Create a text synthesis of up to 100,000 characters.
  • Results of exporting to Word, PDF, and text documents
  • Make Templates Your Top Picks
  • Different Cloud Storage Options:
  • S3 buckets on Amazon
  • Buckets for Google Cloud Storage
  • Wasabi Cloud Storj Cloud
  • Category of Dropbox Control Template Access based on Subscription Plan or User Group
  • In charge Access to AI Chat Bot Categories by User Groups and Subscription Plans
  • v2 of OpenAI Assistant
  • Modify models dynamically during runtime if required
  • Verification with Google 2FA
  • Support for Google Adsense Email Newsletters
  • The Openai Multi-API Function
  • Consistent Diffusion Multiple API Functionality
  • Touchy Terms Feature for Filtering
  • For OpenAI, use your own private API key.
  • Apply a private, personal API key to ensure stable diffusion.
  • Live Chat Feature
  • Keep an eye on user balance and spending
  • Promocode functionality for lifetime and prepaid contracts
  • Complete Affiliate/Referral Program Completely Adjustable User Interface
  • Establish Prepaid Plans
  • Make Plans for Monthly Subscriptions
  • Make plans for annual subscriptions.
  • Make plans for lifetime subscriptions.
  • Thirteen Payment Gateways Included:
  • Paypal (Online) (Lifetime/Yearly/Monthly/Prepaid)
  • Stripe (Online) (Lifetime/Yearly/Monthly/Prepaid)
  • Prepaid/Monthly/Yearly/Lifetime Razorpay (Online)
  • Paystack (Online): (Lifetime/Yearly/Monthly/Prepaid)
  • BankTransfer (Prepaid/Monthly/Yearly/Lifetime) (Offline)
  • Mollie (Virtual) (Monthly/Annual/Lifetime/Prepaid)
  • Online (Prepaid/Monthly/Yearly/Lifetime) Flutterwave
  • Paddle Classic (Online): Monthly/Annual/Lifetime/Prepaid
  • Yookassa (Online) (Lifetime/Prepaid/Monthly/Yearly)
  • Braintree (Online) (Lifetime/Prepaid)
  • Midtrans (Prepaid/Lifetime) (Online)
  • Coinbase (Prepaid/Lifetime) (Online)
  • Iyzico (Prepaid/Lifetime) (Online)
  • Pay Special Attention to Monthly & Annual Incomes
  • Completely Prepared to Proceed Platform SaaS Dark Mode
  • Strong Admin Panel
  • Using Laravel 9.1 and PHP 8.1, this project has extensive documentation.
  • Update Feature with Just One Click
  • Includes 6-Month Support

Tools For Davinci Ai

Smarter Advanced Editor

Discover the potential of our state-of-the-art AI text editor, which is seamlessly linked with tools for creating content. Select from a wide range of templates and easily edit your content in one location. Discover the creativity and efficiency of our Advanced AI Text Editor as you effortlessly create your masterpieces. Allow our technology to transform the way you produce content, increasing productivity and saving you time. Join the content production revolution now.

Article Wizard Using Ai

With only a few clicks and a brief description, you can produce lengthy posts using our four-step AI Article Wizard. It allows you to describe each element of the article or blog and build a picture based on it using Dalle or Stable Diffusion.

Artificial Intelligence Templates

DaVinci AI Templates transforms the process of producing excellent content with ease. With only a few clicks and our cutting-edge platform, users can quickly and easily produce texts of excellent quality, saving them time and effort. It has never been simpler to create, modify, export, and distribute AI-generated content thanks to a user-friendly interface and sophisticated capabilities.

Ai Author

Easily update your content with only one click! Easily elevate and modify your current content to give it a professional, new appearance. Give our tool all the work it does to make your content sparkle and stand out like never before. Give it a try right now to see the amazing outcomes for yourself.

Ai Conversation

Make use of the capabilities of our chatbots to get prompt responses to any queries you may have. With DaVinvi’s AI Chat Bots, you can quickly find the most recent news and information on any topic you’re interested in learning about.

Ai Pics

Use Dalle and Stable Diffusion from DaVinci AI to improve your photos. Transform your average photos for social networking, advertising, and site design into high-quality ones. Improve your brand and wow your audience with DaVinci AI’s cutting-edge technology.

Ai Screen

Use DaVinci AI to turn your still photos into visually stunning films with seamless transitions and expert editing. You simply submit your images with a few clicks, and our cutting-edge technology will take care of the rest, producing a dynamic video tale that you can share on social media, use in presentations, or save as a keepsake. Make visually amazing films with a lot of effort so that your viewers will remember you. Adieu to still photos and welcome to captivating films that highlight your originality and sense of style. With DaVinci AI, you can easily enhance your footage with flawless transitions and editing of the highest caliber.

Code Ai

Use DaVinci AI to transform your coding experience; it’s the best tool for streamlining, expediting, and maximizing your coding endeavors. Our cutting-edge technology will enable you to expedite your projects and realize your ideas more quickly than ever before, regardless of your level of coding experience.

Ai Speaker

Utilize our state-of-the-art AI speech technology to enhance your content. DaVinci AI can bring your writing to life, whether it’s for an engaging story or commercial. We stand out with our natural intonation and flawless delivery, making us compatible with popular systems like AWS, Azure, GCP, Elevenlabs, and OpenAI. More than 1700 voices in 150 languages and dialects are available for choosing.

Voice Copy

With DaVinci, you may create a voice clone, train it again, and use it to synthesis text. You can even combine your voice with other vendor sounds to create a single audio output. In 27 different languages, you may convert text to audio by speaking it aloud.

Audio Studio

With just one click, you can add any background audio to your text-to-speech results and combine audio results in any capacity and order with DaVinci AI’s Advanced Sound Studio function. A user-friendly interface allows you to adjust the backend audio voice speed and volume simultaneously.

Ai Talk To Text

With the aid of DaVinci AI, accurately and quickly convert your audio files in a variety of formats (mp3, mp4, mpeg, mpga, m4a, wav, and webm) to text in a matter of minutes. We support more than 25 languages for audio transcription.

Ai Vision

Identify contents and semantics of target photos using DaVinci AI, and get comprehensive insights from your supplied photographs.

Ai-File Chat

To get helpful insights from your papers, including summaries and analyses of the whole documents, upload your Word, PDF, or CSV files.

Ai Web Chat

Send us a link to a website, and our chatbot will analyze and deconstruct its content for you. Our perceptive companion is skilled at offering pertinent viewpoints and ideas, igniting interesting discussions centered on your interests. Allow our chatbot to wow you with its in-depth analysis and persuasive viewpoints. Have faith that our technologies will provide an incredibly illuminating experience.

Ai Chat Photos

Create and manipulate a wide variety of pictures with ease without ever leaving your chat window.

Ai Plagiarism Examination

Our state-of-the-art technology quickly scans innumerable websites for any evidence of plagiarism or duplicate material, then provides you with exact links to the original sources. You may rely on our sophisticated scanning technology to guarantee the uniqueness and legitimacy of your work.

Ai-Based Content Detector

To properly check any text for AI-generated material, use DaVinci AI. It is possible to ascertain if a piece of text is human or machine-generated very fast by cross-referencing it against an extensive web database. Copy and paste your text, wait for the scan results, and trust that the information is accurate. Discover how simple and effective DaVinci AI is at identifying AI-generated material in a matter of seconds.

Go On The Internet (Web)

Don’t limit your answers to OpenAI archives. You can now do real-time online searches and get the most recent Google search results with DaVinci AI.

Ai Counsel

Easily update your material by beginning from blank or making fast changes with a few clicks. You don’t have to worry about editing your papers once they’ve been completed. Our cutting-edge tools make it easy to produce fresh content and polish previously written pieces, guaranteeing that your message is consistently clear. No matter what stage of the content production process you’re at, put your trust in our platform to simply improve your work.

Exact Momentum

With DaVinci AI, the most advanced tool for modifying your GPT model, you can unleash your creativity. You may easily improve and customize your AI-generated material in a matter of seconds by inputting your own data. Use DaVinci AI to take charge of your outcomes and advance your initiatives.

Openai Assistants, Custom Chat Assistants

using OpenAI’s newest innovation, you can train your chat assistants using over 50 different file types in a comprehensive and user-friendly environment. Let your subscribers create their own personalized chat assistants.

Personalized Templates

Give your subscribers the freedom to design their own unique templates whatever they choose by using dynamic features like switch, checkbox, and select fields. They can make almost infinite bespoke templates according to their tastes with the aid of DaVinci AI.

Immediate Library

To help your subscribers save time while dealing with your or custom-built chat bots, provide an infinite number of prompts for them to utilize.

Text Stream

Discover the power of DaVinci AI, where you can see each letter rendered in real time thanks to state-of-the-art technology. With DaVinci AI, you may experience immediate results without having to wait around for the AI to develop the output.

Brand Speak

Let DaVinci AI serve as the brains behind your brand; with only one input, it will seamlessly capture and preserve your distinct personality. Your unique voice comes through beautifully with Brand Voice, saving you time and ensuring consistency across your material. You can rely on DaVinci AI to consistently keep your brand relevant.

Members Of The Team

To fully benefit from AI, DaVinci AI enables your users to extend an invitation to their associates and coworkers to join a team. Together with working on shared papers and controlling which AI features his team members may access, they can also split credits with each other.

Storage Clouds

Utilize a range of cloud storage options to reduce latency for user-generated content and make space on your server storage available. To unload the photos, music files, etc., use AWS S3, Storj, Cloudflare R2, Wasabi, Dropbox, Google Cloud Storage, and many more services.

Gateways For Payments

Process bank transfers, credit cards, debit cards, and other electronic payment options including Paypal, Stripe, Braintree, Flutterwave, 2Checkout, Paddle, RazorPay, Yookassa, Iyzico, Coinbase, and Paystack in a secure manner. Payments in Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, USD Coin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Dai, and several more cryptocurrencies may be made using Coinbase.

Luxury Subscription Plan Creator

A brand-new plan builder with cutting-edge choices provide you complete control over the features that are offered, the credits that are allotted, and the price and cost of the services.


DaVinci AI offers a free trial so that potential consumers may experience your AI services before deciding on the best plan. It also supports free, prepaid, subscription, or lifetime-based pricing.

Suite Dashboard

Discover the power of an interactive dashboard that puts statistics, real-time insights, and user activity tracking at your fingertips. Manage site settings with ease to take command of your website. With this invaluable tool, you can stay ahead of the game, make wise judgments, and propel yourself to success.

Update With Only One Click

You just need to click once to install our regular updates when using DaVinci AI.

Security With 2Fa

You may strengthen user account security using Google 2-Factor Authentication, giving people more assurance about the security of your SaaS company and its operations.


Now that DaVinci AI is seamlessly integrated, you can easily generate, personalize, and send engaging emails to your audience.

Excellent Performance

Our creative thinking and unwavering dedication to quality set the bar for superior performance in the sector. Put your faith in our track record of success and cutting-edge solutions to grow your company to new heights. See the difference for yourself by feeling the strength of our cutting-edge technology and our ultra-stable construction.

Google Adsense

Display Google Ads on your homepage to get extra revenue.

Partner Program

By establishing affiliate guidelines and requesting your friends to join, you may unleash the power of influence. Receive commissions on their first purchase. Don’t pass up this chance to expand your network and increase your income. Begin constructing your empire right now, and you’ll see an increase in commissions.

Changeable Website

You may quickly modify the site’s content using the Frontend Editor. To change the material, just choose the portion that needs editing. And that’s it!

Editor In Wysiwyg

Discover the comfort and simplicity of our WYSIWYG editor. With our user-friendly WYSIWYG interface, creating and editing content is a breeze.


Please be aware that a valid OpenAI account for Template/Chat/Image/Speech to Text services is required for the script to function properly. This third-party AI service provider charges for their services. You must have a valid account with either GCP or Azure, which are third-party cloud service providers, in order to use the Text to Speech service.

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