TheFox v3.9.50 – Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme

June 28, 2024 (2 weeks ago)

TheFox v3.9.50 – Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme

Post NameTheFox
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Latest Versionv3.9.50
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TheFox is the newest and best WordPress theme with several uses. It was made with a robust admin settings panel and is tidy, with the newest design, very adaptable, responsive, and compatible with the fantastic Visual Composer! This theme is what we refer to as multi-purpose; with TheFox’s several styles, you may make any sort of website—the options are almost limitless! If you have any queries or issues, please contact us via our help forum. The theme is updated for free for life, and we always strive to add new features with each release. TheFox is very user-friendly and intuitive. It comes with Visual Composer, so you won’t need to know how to write at all. We guarantee that even if you have no prior experience with coding, you will be able to design amazing websites. TheFox has a ton of amazing features. We’ve included some of the most important ones below so you can see just how amazing TheFox is. Any kind of website, including corporate, company, portfolio, blog, goods, magazines, etc., may utilize TheFox design. Invest in TheFox and become a part of our fantastic community. Together, let’s improve TheFox!


  • A simple, contemporary, multifunctional design works well for any kind of website.
  • WordPress 4.1: The New Ultimate Multi-Purpose Theme is Verified and Approved
  • Constructed with HTML5, CSS3, and SEO optimization (also compatible with SEO plugins) Clean, well-commented, and well-organized code
  • Cross-Browser Compatibility: 100% for IE9–IE11, Chrome, Firefox, Safari Adaptable Theme
  • includes the most amazing visual page builder for WordPress, WPBakery Page builder (Visual Composer) Retina Prepared, Exceptionally High Resolution Images
  • Every Theme Font icons are icons (with over 10,000 icons included).
  • Unlimited Sidebar Support for Columns 1–6
  • Any page may include a video section and parallax feature.
  • Fantastic CSS3 transitions for each module
  • Compatible with Child Themes: contains a simple child theme
  • strong emphasis on overall user experience, usability, and design and typography.
  • Jquery Improvements
  • More than 10,000 retina-ready icons are provided, along with fonts for the icons!

Amazing Demo Content

  • Fantastic Demo Content: Importing our demo with only one click allows you to utilize any of the pages in it.
  • 20 possibilities for a beautifully pre-designed home page layout; more will be included in the next releases!
  • Several pages about us, our services, who I am, our team, team members, contact information, etc. To see them all, check out the Live Demo.
  • Genuine Soon-to-Be Pages
  • Products and setup for a WooCommerce store

More Customization / Options for Themes

  • Utilize the styling choices to personalize every aspect of the website.
  • You may personalize your website to fit your colors with the infinite color selections.
  • Font and font size may be easily changed.
  • Advanced settings to activate/deactivate certain functionalities
  • Just click to change the site’s layout (Wide or Boxed).
  • Ability to alter your website’s appearance Live (with the front end)
  • Select from 18 possibilities for header style and header top bar.
  • Select from choices for a footer bottom bar and a 10-footer style.
  • One click is all it takes to utilize the Preset Colors choices.

Several Superior Slider Selections

  • Add the Fantastic Revolution Slider Plugin, worth $19.
  • Add the $18 value Awesome Parallax Layer Slider Plugin.
  • Put the Flexslider in there.
  • Add a caroufredsel slider to it.
  • Touch swipe compatibility is available for sliders.

Visual Composer & TheFox

  • Visual Composer, the most well-known WordPress page builder at the moment, is one of TheFox’s offerings.
  • With the 35 modules we created for the Visual Page Builder, you can simply change whatever you want without ever knowing how to code.
  • Modular styles and colors may be readily changed with ease.
  • With our fantastic modules, creating beautiful pages is simple.
  • Ready are the Ajax Team Member Modules, Ajax Blog, and Ajax Portfolio.
  • Compatibility with WooCommerce Module
  • Everything in our example was created only using the Visual Composer modules.

Mega Menu Built In

  • Beautiful built-in mega menu Designing a mega menu for lage menus
  • Utilize one to five columns.
  • Icons are simple to utilize for each menu item.
  • Allows for widgets
  • Modify the drop-down menu’s colors and style with ease.

Compatible with WooCommerce

  • Completely integrated design with plugin readiness
  • Choices for One to Four Columns
  • Personalized Visual Composer Modules to showcase your merchandise
  • Personalized design for your storefront pages
  • Unique style for individual product pages
  • Show items according to SKU, category, sale, latest, highlighted, etc.
  • Within the visual composer are WooCommerce shortcodes.

Well-liked Plugin Compatible

  • WooCommerce integrated with complete design compatibility
  • WPML plugin available
  • Ready with complete design integration, Contact Form 7
  • Revolution Slider with complete design incorporation
  • Layer Slider that fully integrates with the design

Options for Advanced Pages and Posts

  • Any page or post may have any slider assigned to it. Show/hide Heading upper bar.
  • Display / conceal Title bar and page title
  • Personalized Background and Title Color
  • Each page should have a translucent header with a slider either above or below it.
  • Select the page’s left or right sidebar.

Countless Color Selections

  • very thorough style tab inside theme settings
  • A limitless palette of colors and skins for both the front and rear ends Select Color
  • Complete Color Customizations: effortlessly alter each and every aspect, including Visual Composer Modules.
  • Select one of ten pre-defined skin colors, or create your own.

Advanced Options for Blogs

  • There are five layouts available: Timeline, Grid, Masonry, Classic, Multi-author
  • Every layout may be full width or include a sidebar on the left or right.
  • Six different post types: regular, quote, picture, audio, gallery, and video.
  • Using the blog module, create many blog pages and assign unique categories to each one.
  • Choose a slider to display on the blog page.
  • Select from ten different overlay effects.
  • Modify the color of the overlay
  • automatically produced thumbnails
  • You may simply set how many things appear on a page.
  • Select the Load More button and the Classic pagination type.
  • Include social icons in your post sharing
  • Comments that are threaded
  • Numerous possibilities to add, delete, and excerpt info, link posts, etc.

Options for Advanced Portfolios

  • Five layout variations, ranging from one to six columns
  • Portfolio Packery layout / Portfolio Grid layout
  • Create a number of portfolio pages and assign unique categories to each one.
  • Choose distinct, completely customizable categories for every portfolio.
  • Create unique categories and skills for every portfolio post.
  • Select from ten different overlay effects.
  • whole breadth of the post Half-width single-post arrangement
  • To display Slider on a single portfolio post, choose it.
  • Utilize pictures, slideshows, or videos with ease.
  • Simply set the thumbnail size.
  • automatically produced thumbnails
  • You may simply set how many things appear on a page.
  • Select the Load More button and the Classic pagination type.
  • Include social icons in your post sharing
  • Comments that are threaded

Advanced Options for Team Members

  • Select from three different layouts.
  • Select from Nine Designs
  • Create many member pages and provide unique categories to each one.
  • Choose certain, completely customizable categories for every member page.
  • Create unique tags and talents for every member’s postings.
  • One Member page that is completely customisable
  • Choose a slider to display on posts from a single member.
  • Simply set the thumbnail size.
  • automatically produced thumbnails
  • Select the Classic pagination type. Click the “load more” button.
  • Every member’s social icons

Personalized Page Layouts & Options Contains

  • Easily personalize each and every page.
  • Ability to Utilize Slider on Each Page
  • Page of the Left/Right Sidebar
  • Complete with page
  • 404 page built-in
  • Actual Soon to be launched page
  • Excellently created search page

More Options for Typography

  • Make use of Standard or Google Fonts.
  • The theme settings panel controls every font parameter.
  • Differentiate the font sizes for each font, the body, footer, header, dropdown menu, and H1–H6 headers.
  • Set every typeface to a distinct color.
  • For every kind of font, provide the typeface’s weight, line-height, and font size.

Superior Background Selections

  • Infinite backdrops for both wide and boxed modes
  • Select The custom backdrop image’s color when uploaded
  • Specify a parallax backdrop.
  • Configure the backdrop of the video.
  • Videos or parallax backdrop pictures are also permitted in full width sections.
  • Custom bar title backgrounds or the backdrop of the page title bar

More Options for the Header

  • Choose from eighteen distinct header styles and designs.
  • Select whether to use the top bar.
  • Select what will show in the upper bar.
  • Standard or Mega Menu
  • Menu that works with widgets and icons
  • Transparent header and sticky header
  • Modify the hues of every element shown in the header.
  • Easily adjust the font size of the header and drop down menus.

Progression Page title bar

  • Easily enable or deactivate the page title
  • Customize the height of the title bar and set the background color to a custom picture.
  • Select whether to conceal breadcrumbs on every page.
  • TheFox is the only parent page with breadcrumbs.

More Options for the Footer

  • Select from 10 different designs or layouts with 1–4 columns, then add as many widgets as you want to each column.
  • Change the text color and footer background in the theme settings.
  • Turn on or off Bottom bar in the footer
  • Select what will appear in the bottom bar of the footer.
  • Personalized theme choices for the bottom bar background and text color in the footer

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