Vuexy 9.13.0 – Vuejs, React – Next.js, HTML, Laravel & Asp.Net Admin Dashboard Template

June 11, 2024 (1 week ago)

Vuexy 9.13.0 – Vuejs, React – Next.js, HTML, Laravel & Asp.Net Admin Dashboard Template

Post NameVuexy
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Latest Version9.13.0
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Vuexy is a powerful and flexible admin dashboard template designed to meet the needs of modern web applications. Created by PIXINVENT, Vuexy offers a comprehensive suite of tools and features, making it an excellent choice for developers using Vue.js, React (Next.js), HTML, Laravel, and Asp.Net. This template is built to simplify and accelerate the development process while ensuring high performance and scalability.

What is Vuexy?

Vuexy is more than just a dashboard template; it’s a robust platform that integrates seamlessly with various web development frameworks. Whether you’re working with Vue.js, React, Laravel, or Asp.Net, Vuexy provides a consistent and intuitive user interface. The template is meticulously designed to offer a range of functionalities out-of-the-box, allowing developers to focus on building their applications rather than starting from scratch.

Key Features

Starter Kit for Laravel
Get your project off the ground quickly with a comprehensive starter kit for Laravel, tailored to integrate seamlessly with Vuexy.

Just Vue.js, Without Reliance on Jquery
Vuexy leverages the full power of Vue.js without needing JQuery, ensuring a lighter and faster application.

Produced using the Vue CLI Webpack, Vue Router, and Vuex
Built with the latest Vue CLI tools, including Webpack, Vue Router, and Vuex, for a streamlined development experience.

Divided Code and Lazy Loading
Optimize performance with code-splitting and lazy loading, delivering only the necessary code to users when they need it.

A Shopping App Includes Wishlist, Checkout, and Store Pages
Comes with a ready-to-use shopping application featuring wishlist, checkout, and store pages.

Drag and Drop Bookmarks for Reorganization
Easily reorganize your bookmarks with intuitive drag-and-drop functionality.

Carousel (Slider of Images)
Enhance your site with an interactive image carousel, perfect for showcasing products or featured content.

Clipboard (Send a Copy There)
Copy text or data to the clipboard with a single click, simplifying user interactions.

Menu Context
A versatile menu context for better navigation and user experience.

Navigate to the Top
Smoothly scroll to the top of the page with a single click, improving user navigation.

Unauthorized Page
Handle access control seamlessly with a predefined unauthorized page.

Controlled Access (ACL)
Implement advanced access control mechanisms to protect sensitive areas of your application.

Costing Page
Manage and display costing information effectively within your application.

Blog Page i18n
Create and manage multilingual blog pages with ease, thanks to built-in i18n support.

Multilingual Assistance with Two Chart Libraries
Visualize data with support for two different chart libraries, fully integrated with multilingual capabilities.

Two Dashboards
Choose between two different dashboard layouts to best suit your needs and preferences.

Powered by SASS Feather Icons
Utilize Feather Icons with SASS for a crisp and modern iconography throughout your application.

Infinite Color Selections
Customize the look and feel of your dashboard with unlimited color options.

Map of Leaflets
Integrate interactive maps seamlessly into your application with Leaflet.

Video Player: Click and Hold
Engage users with a click-and-hold video player for dynamic content presentation.

Completely Adjustable Layout
Tailor the layout of your dashboard to fit your specific requirements and preferences.

Arrangement of Folders
Keep your project organized with a systematic folder arrangement.

Clear and Annotated Code
Work with clear and well-documented code, making development and maintenance easier.

Final Words

Vuexy stands out as a versatile and comprehensive admin dashboard template suitable for a variety of web development projects. Its rich feature set, combined with robust support for multiple frameworks, makes it a valuable tool for developers aiming to create sophisticated and high-performance applications. At a price of USD 39, Vuexy offers tremendous value, ensuring you have all the resources you need to build outstanding web applications efficiently.

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