Xtra 4.9.0 – WordPress Website Builder + RTL

June 10, 2024 (2 weeks ago)

Xtra 4.9.0 – WordPress Website Builder + RTL

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The WP All Export Pro – XML and CSV Export Solution, developed by Codevz, is a comprehensive tool designed to streamline your WordPress data export tasks. This solution stands out in the realm of data management by offering a user-friendly interface and extensive features that cater to various export needs. For those looking for an efficient, customizable, and reliable export solution, WP All Export Pro is the answer.

What is WP All Export Pro?

WP All Export Pro is an advanced WordPress plugin that allows you to export your website data into XML and CSV formats. Whether you need to export posts, pages, custom post types, or any other data, this plugin provides a seamless and powerful way to do so. Its intuitive drag-and-drop interface ensures that even users with no technical expertise can effortlessly manage their data exports.

Key Features

  • 1–12 Columns of Support WP All Export Pro supports exporting data in 1 to 12 columns, providing flexibility in how you structure your exported files.
  • Infinite Shades Customize your export layout with infinite shades to match your branding or specific formatting needs.
  • Personalized Footer Menu Add a personalized footer menu to your exported files for a professional touch.
  • Chic & Elegant The plugin offers a chic and elegant design, making the export process visually appealing.
  • Scrolling Background and Parallax Elements Enhance your export templates with scrolling backgrounds and parallax elements for a dynamic presentation.
  • Strong Emphasis on User Experience and Usability Designed with a strong emphasis on user experience and usability, WP All Export Pro ensures a smooth and efficient export process.
  • An Additional Header Panel Include an additional header panel in your export files to provide extra information or branding.
  • 12 Personalized Sidebar Widgets Utilize 12 personalized sidebar widgets to enhance the functionality of your exported data.
  • Google Map Devoid of Iframe Embed Google Maps without using iframes, ensuring compatibility and responsiveness.
  • Utilizing CSS3 and HTML5 Built using the latest web standards, CSS3 and HTML5, for modern and future-proof exports.
  • Suitable with Plugins for Online Chat Compatible with various online chat plugins, enabling seamless integration of customer support features.
  • Adaptable Bottom Columns with 20 Designs Choose from 20 designs for adaptable bottom columns to match your export layout preferences.
  • Side Menu Fix Ensure a fixed side menu for better navigation in your export files.
  • Multisite WordPress (WPMU) Verified and Authorized WP All Export Pro is verified and authorized for use with Multisite WordPress (WPMU) installations.
  • Exceptional Client Support Benefit from exceptional client support to address any issues or queries you may have.
  • There Are No Images in Social and Theme Icons; They Are Font Icons Use font icons instead of images for social and theme icons, ensuring faster loading times and scalability.
  • Adherence to the Security Guidelines for Websites WP All Export Pro adheres to the latest security guidelines, ensuring your data exports are safe and secure.
  • Theme Options, Advanced Customization, and Page Settings Leverage extensive theme options, advanced customization, and page settings for tailored exports.
  • Simple to Employ The Greatest Visual Page Builder Available Integrate with the best visual page builder for a seamless design and export experience.
  • Personalized Menu Navigation on Mobile Devices Offer personalized menu navigation on mobile devices for enhanced user experience.
  • Interoperability Across Browsers Ensure your exports are compatible with all major browsers for wider accessibility.
  • Strong Emphasis on Usability, Typography, and the User Experience in General A focus on usability, typography, and overall user experience makes WP All Export Pro stand out.
  • Controllable Sidebars Enjoy total control over sidebars to customize your export layout.
  • Certain Subpages Include specific subpages in your exports as needed.
  • Support for Google Maps Seamlessly integrate Google Maps into your export files.
  • Personalized Login Page Layout Create a personalized login page layout for enhanced branding.
  • Front-End Preview Mode Preview your export files in real-time with front-end preview mode.
  • Animations for Articles and Images in the Gallery Add animations to articles and images in your export gallery for a dynamic presentation.
  • No Prior Experience with Coding Is Necessary Designed for ease of use, no prior coding experience is required to use WP All Export Pro.
  • Personalized Site Width & Boxed Design Customize the site width and choose a boxed design for your exports.
  • Integrated Popup That May Be Used on Any Page Use integrated popups on any page to capture additional data or provide extra information.
  • The Top and Bottom Footers Customize both the top and bottom footers of your export files for a polished look.
  • Rapid Contact Form Include a rapid contact form in your exports for easy communication.
  • You May Configure Sliders on Every Page Configure sliders on every page to present data dynamically.
  • Background Pictures for Subheaders Are Supportive Of Add background pictures to subheaders for a visually appealing export layout.
  • Include Personalized Post Formats Include personalized post formats in your exports for greater flexibility.
  • Code That Is Tidy, Well-Organized, and Commented The plugin’s code is tidy, well-organized, and commented for easy customization and understanding.
  • Mouse-Over Parallax Elements Add mouse-over parallax elements for an engaging export experience.
  • Current Cross-Browser Compatibility Ensure your exports are compatible with the latest versions of all major browsers.
  • On Smartphones, Tap the Number to Make a Call Enable users to tap numbers on smartphones to make calls directly from the export files.
  • Total Control Over Sidebars, Content, and Site Width Enjoy total control over sidebars, content, and site width for customized exports.
  • Tutorial Videos Access tutorial videos to learn how to make the most of WP All Export Pro.
  • Shadow and Light Use shadow and light effects to enhance the visual appeal of your exports.
  • Personalized CSS for Tablet, Phone, and Desktop Customize CSS for tablet, phone, and desktop views to ensure responsive designs.
  • Scrolling Components Using CSS3 Animations Add scrolling components using CSS3 animations for dynamic exports.
  • Anything on a Carousel Display any content on a carousel for a visually appealing presentation.
  • Menus Off-Canvas Utilize off-canvas menus for modern navigation.
  • Five Columns Provide Assistance Get support for five columns in your export layouts.
  • Single and Several Pages Export single or multiple pages as needed.
  • Theme Updater That Updates Automatically via WordPress Admin Benefit from an automatic theme updater that works via WordPress admin for seamless updates.
  • Image or Logo for Off-Canvas Widgets with Font Use images or logos for off-canvas widgets with font icons for a cohesive look.
  • Infinite Icons Access an infinite number of icons for your export files.
  • Support for Vimeo & YouTube Videos Include support for Vimeo and YouTube videos in your exports.
  • Suitable with the Most Recent Version of WordPress Ensure compatibility with the latest version of WordPress for up-to-date functionality.
  • 1000 Theme Options and Page Settings; Bottom Footer Content; Online Comprehensive Documentation Take advantage of 1000 theme options and page settings, along with comprehensive online documentation.
  • Movable Hot Spot Component That Is Adjustable Include a movable and adjustable hot spot component for interactive exports.
  • Fill Out This Form for Unmatched Performance Ensure unmatched performance with a dedicated form for detailed exports.
  • Compatible with Child Themes: Comes with a Simple Child Theme! WP All Export Pro is compatible with child themes and comes with a simple child theme for easy customization.
  • The Loading Screen Customize the loading screen for a polished user experience.
  • Support for Custom Favicons Add custom favicons to your export files for branding.
  • Different Font Settings for Ultra-High Resolution Graphics That Are Responsive Enjoy different font settings for ultra-high-resolution graphics that are fully responsive.

Final Words

WP All Export Pro by Codevz is an exceptional solution for anyone looking to manage and export WordPress data effortlessly. With a plethora of features designed to enhance usability, customization, and overall user experience, this plugin stands out as a top choice for WordPress users. Whether you’re a developer, site owner, or someone looking to streamline data exports, WP All Export Pro is the tool you need.

For more information, check out the XTRA – Responsive Multipurpose WordPress Theme on ThemeForest.

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