eClassify 1.0.2 – Classified Buy and Sell Marketplace Flutter App with Laravel Admin Panel

June 11, 2024 (1 week ago)

eClassify 1.0.2 – Classified Buy and Sell Marketplace Flutter App with Laravel Admin Panel

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In the bustling world of online marketplaces, eClassify emerges as a robust solution for buying and selling needs. Crafted by WRTeam, this comprehensive app marries the power of Flutter with the versatility of a Laravel admin panel, creating a seamless and efficient platform. For just 49USD, users gain access to a feature-rich application designed to enhance user experience and streamline administrative tasks.

What is eClassify?

eClassify is a classified marketplace application built with Flutter, featuring a Laravel admin panel. This app allows users to buy and sell items with ease, offering dynamic functionalities and an intuitive interface that caters to a global audience. Its primary aim is to provide a user-friendly experience while giving administrators robust tools to manage and optimize the platform.

Key Features

Enhancing User Experience and Engagement

  • Dynamic Home Layout: Offers a customized home page with various filter choices and layout styles, enhancing user interaction.

Management of Items

  • Users can manage their products efficiently, labeling them as sold out when necessary.

Location-Based Fetching of Items

  • The app retrieves items based on the user’s location, ensuring convenience and relevancy.

Featured Item

  • Highlight significant goods in the listings to increase visibility and engagement.

Push Notification

  • Timely messages sent by the administrator to boost user engagement and communication.

Chat Features

  • Facilitates seamless communication between buyers and sellers, simplifying transactions.

Several Options for Login

  • Provides flexibility and accessibility with login options via phone number, email address, or Google account.

Multilingual Assistance

  • Users can operate the app in their preferred language, thanks to its multilingual capabilities.

Personalized List

  • Users can add items to their favorite list for easy access and future reference.

Option for Subscription

  • The Stripe payment gateway enables users to purchase bundles, enhancing their selling potential.

Admin Panel

Perceptive Dashboard

  • Offers a succinct summary and tracking of recent actions, with a focus on key metrics to identify patterns quickly.

Class Management

  • Admin can efficiently manage and organize item categories.

Package Handling

  • Oversee users’ listing and ad packages, providing diverse revenue streams.

Employee Administration

  • A role-based system allows admin to manage employees, ensuring proper access control and accountability.

Simple Stripe Payments

  • Facilitates easy purchase of item listings and ad bundles through Stripe.

Push Notification System

  • Employs an FCM-based push notification system for real-time user communication.

Enhanced Section Oversight

  • Manage and customize featured sections with multiple options to boost user engagement.

Every Setting at One Place

  • Easily manage Firebase, payment gateways, About Us, privacy, language choices, and T&C in one location for seamless control.

Particular Field Administration

  • Create custom fields for item categories to meet specific needs, ensuring flexibility and adaptability.

Many Language Support

  • Users can access the app in their own language, making it more user-friendly and accessible.

Slider Management

  • Admin can efficiently control sliders to highlight important content or promotions.

Management of Item Reports

  • Handle item reports efficiently and respond as necessary to maintain quality.

Item Approval

  • Admin has the authority to approve or reject items, ensuring consistency and quality across the platform.

Final Words

eClassify stands out as a versatile and user-friendly marketplace app that caters to both buyers and sellers. With its dynamic features and robust admin panel, it promises a seamless experience for users and efficient management for administrators. At 49USD, eClassify offers exceptional value, making it an essential tool for anyone looking to establish a classified marketplace.

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